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Mass Communication in an Internet age has created opportunities for excellence yet, paradoxically, it has evolved a trend toward mediocrity. ASRL's reason for being is to infuse intellectual rigor and critical thinking in disciplines that range from Academics to Journalism. ASRL researches conventional beliefs and misinformation and transmits its findings by means of scientific methods and state-of-the-art computer technologies.
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Art or Science?
It's Both.more
Research or Teaching?
It's Both ...more
EXCLUSIVE : Jared Diamond´s Factual Collapse
Nancy Sullivan´s essay: J. Diamond's ‘Light Elephants’ in NYer removes offensive photo
CBS Greg Gumbel´s Technical foul
ABC News’ Exploitation of Medical Conditions?
ASRL rescues Mondrian's unpublished personal papers placing them free and online...more
ASRL's Software Development makes information accessible...
Journalism and Ethics
ASRL's Program, "Utilizing Science to Test Facts in Journalism," Teaches Critical Thinking and SocialValues...more
September 11 Studies
ASRL creates the first History Magazineabout Sept on the Internet ...more
Astrobiology Magazine
ASRL publishes the dailyarticles of the AstrobiologyMagazine.Over 100 million hits per year.
The Alexandria Library in EgyptScholars' Cooperative
ASRL's Programs allow Scholars to globally share their copyrighted materials free on the Internet...more
ASRL fosters teaching science by making the life's work of famed Harvard and online ...more

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